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Regency writing slope box. Circa 1820

A superb and in wonderful condition, antique Regency highly figured rosewood writing box brass and mother of pearl accents.

Materials:  rosewood on a mahogany carcass with brass and mother of pearl inlay.

The marquetry has a glass like sheen. There are no flaws nor marks upon this wood which is very smooth to the touch.

There are compartments for holding paper under the flaps.

Condition: very good condition. There are no faults nor flaws to this wonderful antique.
Overall - this is an excellent - antique - box shaped writing slope that is in pristine condition and is a beautiful object in its own right. It comes with its fully operational lock and key - and there is plenty of space to store many private documents.

The  writing surface is a new embossed leather.

The ink pot featured is not the original but is a reproduction of the same era - and slots in exactly to the compartment. The ink pot is cubed glass with a brass collar and a brass screw topped lid - this ink pot is in pristine condition.

Size: 40,5cm by 24cm by 14cm: 16 inches by 10 inches by 5 inches.
Weight aproximately: 3 kg


These little artworks had a privileged location on the best english homes during the XIX century, accompanied the nobles on their journeys and the senior offices in their campaigns. They were extremely useful and also a sign of distinction.

Take this opportunity. The current global economic situation has made this type of works have a bargain price when valuing the wood they are made of, their age and their perfect finish. But this situation will no longer last as probably soon  these works will reach again the prices they used to have.


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