Walnut and marquetry lectern

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Walnut lectern completely handmade.
Composition: spanish Walnut Wood, with Walnut curl, Walnut burr, Sicomore, Beech, Mahogany and Oak.
Characteristics: Completely handmade.
Country of origin: Spain.
Dimensions: 45,5 cms., 35,5 cms., 26 cms.
Uses: Great versatility: books, ipad, e-books…


The color and sofá finish of this lectern will gradually improve over time. Walnut wood has been the most valuated wood in Europe over the last ten centuries. The choir and ashlars on the cathedrals and churchs and most of the palace furniture are made of this type of wood. They are artworks that will last and within a century or twp will have a higher value than today.

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