Pointed base amphora

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Different pointed base amphoras

Important information for the purchase of pointed base amphoras:

The pointed base amphoras are made to order so that each buyer can choose between:

- Clay/mud, cork or rag stopper.

- Short or long pointed base

- Upper broad body, bottom broad body, symmetrical or extra broad. ,

Our stock is very limited. With each request we will check our available stock . You can make your request with the chosen characteristics sending an email to: lucioaranda2000@yahoo.es

The buyer will receive an email as soon as possible with the information about availability of the chosen amphora and the measurements that range from 55 to 65 cms high and 18 to 22 cms wide (except the “extra wide” ones that are 28 cms wide).

All the amphoras include an adapted tripod.

The pictures that appear in this page correspond to already sold amphoras

All our products are sent with a ”Desván de la abuela Eusebia” Certificate of Authenticity.
Each of our products is charactericed for beiing unique and different of the rest. There are not two alike. The product you will receive will be similar to the one in the picture but not an exact copy of it or of any product distributed by CAPOLAVORO

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